Which eCigarette is best? Do you get value for money? Are eCigs safe?

Are Vapor Cigarettes Bad For You?

The inventor of the electronic cigarette, Hon Lik smokes his inventionThe electronic cigarette is a great new development that has been coined the new healthy alternative to smoking. Granted, smoking is not a healthy thing to do in the first place, but quitting is hard. This electronic device, though, allows you to not quit smoking but cut all the negative health problems associated with smoking cigarettes.

Smoking really does a lot of bad things to your health. And these begin way before lung cancer even comes about. Smoking cigarettes makes your teeth yellow. It makes you smell as well. Your voice changes a little when you smoke, and for some people it can change drastically. Cigarettes harm other people as well because of secondhand smoke.

Another little known health problem that is caused by smoking doesn’t even involve your teeth, lungs or hair. It actually involves your circulation. Smoking can actually make you lose feeling in your fingers. This is not only from poor circulation caused by inhaling the smoke. Nicotine from burning cigarettes gets into your fingers through the thin paper used to wrap cigarettes as well.

The electronic cigarette is a great little device that works by connecting a battery to an atomizer. The atomizer burns a flavored or unflavored liquid nicotine in the end of the smoker that is commonly referred to as E-juice. All you have to make this great product work, too, is puff on it like a regular cigarette.

The electronic cigarette is a much healthier option for many reasons. The most obvious are that there is no tar and no smoke. All that you are breathing in is liquid nicotine and all you are releasing when you exhale is essentially water vapor. You still get your nicotine, but without all the rest of the junk found in cigarettes.

Because of this, you have no chance of getting lung cancer from this object. There is no tar to damage your lungs. You won’t damage your nerve endings, either, because they are metal or plastic. Your teeth won’t yellow because of the tar, either. When you exhale, there is no second hand smoke to hurt anyone else. And most of them don’t even smell bad, so you can say goodbye to smelling like an ashtray as well.

With a little research, it is clear that we do not know the risks of using e-cigarettes long-term, and the potential for harm is still there.

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